I am so excited to be the “official blogger” for Restaurant L.  I promise to let you in on all the secret goings-on there, and make you smile with the entertaining, fun tidbits of info that I discover!

There were over 45 very happy women in the bar area this past Wednesday evening, enjoying a delightful Ladies’ Night from 6 p.m. and on, into the wee hours of the night.  Why were they so happy, you ask?  They had escaped from the heat of their kitchens to sweetly sip on frothy cold, very pink drinks (half-price all night, of course, for the gals!), indulge in yummy appetizers, and rock out to DJ Dave’s music; it was awesome!  All music requests honored!  Yes, and you heard it correctly through the grapevine…the ladies were dancing in and around their seats, singing along….such sweet abandon!  The two most popular drinks of the evening…can you guess?  The blueberry mojitos, and the pomegranate cosmopolitans were absolutely delish, and besides, the girls were getting their daily dose of those important antioxidants that we all need.  Now what were YOU doing Wednesday night?  I know one thing…I’ll be there this Wednesday…  🙂         XO  Gayle