I love my daily coffee intake.  Now, I am a very good girl, and I limit myself to decaf, since it doesn’t take much to get me wired. At L it has the most amazing aroma and consistency; so delightful that I considerate it a luscious dessert.  This summer I am enjoying it over ice…hmm, I could go for a tall glass of iced decaf cappuccino right about now.  The homemade biscotti always served as a compliment to the coffee is filled with the most yummy dried cranberries and nuts.  I enjoy stopping by in L’s cozy bar in the latter part of the afternoon, and savoring that heavenly drink and time for myself.  There are always plenty of friendly patrons and staff if you desire some interesting conversation, with lovely and soothing background music.  No, you won’t find crying babies or knock into toddlers handling all of the food items on display, or have to wait in line, scream out your order, or hunt down a table with a seat; you need to go to your local fast-coffee joint for that kind of stimulation.  So why don’t you consider breaking out of your daily grind, and head over to L to enjoy some peace and tranquility over your coffee, and luxuriate in its perfection.  And don’t forget to say hello to me when you’re there!